Developer                                                         Electric Hat Games                                          Based in Austin, Texas

Self Published - Independent

Release Date                                                   Steam - May 18th 2017                                   Oculus - TBA                                

VR Hardware                                                       Vive                                                                             Oculus w/ Touch (360 Tracking)                         

Website                                                            TOTHETOPVR.com    

Price:                                                                 $24.99 (USD)

Social Media                                                               Twitter - @VR_TOTHETOP                                       Facebook


VR Climbing / Platforming game, that gives you the freedom to move across the environment with superhuman abilities. Conquer over 30 levels with new obstacles and challenges. Compete for the fastest times or explore the environment. Experience the freedom of movement

Additional Information

Our core motivation for creating TO THE TOP was to create a movement mechanic that is simple to use, takes advantages of VR input, and feels very comfortable to play. We spent a year testing and tuning this system, until it felt like a movement system that was not only fun to use but also opened the door to create brand new gameplay that has not been seen in platforming games before.  


  • New and Original Movement System - Built from the ground up that empowers the player with super human movement abilities with next to no motion sickness.  

  • 30 Levels to Play - Each level brings new challenges and environments to discover.

  • Over 30 Customizable Options to Unlock - Customize your robot ranging from hands, torso, and head.

  • 5 Goals to Conquer Per Level - Each level has multiple time goals and exploration challenges. 

  • Online Leaderboards - Speed run for the best times on our online leaderboard system.

  • MULTIPLAYER COMING SOON - *In a Post Release Update* Jump into an online session and race for the best time against other players. Put your skills to the test.


TO THE TOP was made in Austin, TX and we were inspired by the local music that is a part of our scene. We are fortunate to have their music on the TO THE TOP soundtrack. So make sure to play with headphones on and turn it all the way up!

Musical Artists

  • Capyac  
  • Mirror Mask
  • Night Drive
  • Slooom
  • Sip Sip

And special guests

  • Future Islands


TO THE TOP Steam Release Trailer 

TO THE TOP logo 

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TO THE TOP Credits 

Electric Hat Games 

  • Dan Dunham - Lead Programmer / Designer - Ddunham@ElectricHatVr.com
  • R,Matey - Game Director / Designer / Artist - Rmatey@ElectricHatVr.com

Additional Team

  • Tracy Hunt - Level Design / Environment Art
  • ppw - Lead Sound Designer
  • Emily Meo - Sound Design
  • Justin Meisse - Character Artist
  • Cory Jackson - UI Programmer
  • Ian Harvey - Environment Artist
  • Diane Irwin - Voice of Oracle
  • Eric Meo - Voice of Virus 

Soundtrack List 

  • Capyac - Speedracer
  • Capyac - Mixed In
  • Capyac - Fascination 
  • Capyac - Talk About 
  • Future Islands - Vireo's Eye 
  • Mirror Mask - Get Back 
  • Mirror Mask - Rhinestone
  • Night Drive - Easy to Lie 
  • Night Drive - Rise and Fall 
  • Slooom - Honey 
  • Slooom - Honey (Shoplifters Utd Remix) 
  • SIP SIP - Continental Breakfast 

About Electric Hat Games 

Electric Hat Games was formed by Dan Dunham and  R.Matey, completely independent and self funded. We strive to bring great gameplay to the VR platforms and push the limits of what is possible in the VR space. Learning from the lessons of how video games have evolved in the last 30 years, we aim to take these base concepts and bring them into a new medium. Creating games with depth. skill, and longevity is our focus. 

Contact Electric Hat Games - DDunham@ElectricHatVR.com  & RMatey@ElectricHatVR.com

How TO THE TOP started  

In September of 2015 Matey came back to Austin after a stay in China and crashed at Dan's home. Dan being the VR evangelist had access to some of the early consumer VR devices, They decided to start experimenting and seeing what new original ideas they could come up with. Over the course of a weekend game jam they came up with the base mechanics of climbing and leaping. Since then they have been tuning the game to maximize the fun and comfort of the game. Testing it with hundreds of players over time, they discovered their mechanics had close to zero motion sickness reactions from players. Over the course of the following year, they focused on building great game content that would make TO THE TOP a worthwhile package for all players. 

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